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Wednesday, September 13, 2017



Merci d’avoir visité le blog de Shawna Forde. Nous espérons que nous pouvons vous donner plus d'informations sur la peine de mort afin que vous ne soyez pas tellement influencé par les médias. Si vous avez des questions supplémentaires vous pouvez les adresser à ou Freeshawnaforde@Facebook, de préférence en anglais, ou en français.

Nous voulons vous montrer la vraie Shawna, une personne passionée et amoureuse, et son voyage personnel de vérité et d'injustice. Vous trouverez ici beaucoup d'informations, d'art, d'écriture et un bulletin sur la peine de mort.

Vous comprendrez pourquoi nous luttons pour sauver la vie de Shawna et d'autres innocents menacés de mort. Depuis 1973, plus de 155 personnes ont été libérées du couloir de la mort avec la preuve de leur innocence.

Nous vous encourageons à lire l'appel de Shawna dans la barre latérale.

Merci. God bless France.


Meine Hoffnung auf ein besseres Leben

Ich möchte Euch ein Geschenk machen, ein sehr einfaches Geschenk, doch
es wird Euer Leben verändern und es wird Euch helfen, zu erkennen, dass
jeder Moment eines jeden Tages voller Hoffnung ist.

So nehmt also zwei Wörter – „müssen“ und „bekommen.“ Entfernt nun „müssen“ und ersetzt es durch „bekommen.“
Wenn Dinge auf Euch zukommen, die Euch traurig machen, die in Euch
Beklemmung auslösen, dann solltet Ihr anstatt zu denken oder zu sagen
„ich muss“ lieber denken oder sagen „ich bekomme.“
„Ich gehe zur Arbeit, ich mache mein Bett, ich tue das, was für heute ansteht.“ Wenn Ihr wirklich bemerkt, wie viel Ihr im Leben bekommt, so werdet Ihr jetzt Veränderungen spüren, und Ihr werdet das Licht der Hoffnung in Allem erkennen, für das Ihr Euch entscheidet.

Ich weiß aus eigener Erfahrung, wie schlimm es sein kann, im Gefängnis in
einer sehr üblen Situation zu leben oder im Leben nicht gerade mit Glück
überschüttet zu werden, einsam und abseits positiver Dinge. Doch durch den Austausch dieser zwei Worte entsteht das Vitamin der neuen täglichen Hoffnung. Alles, was wir in einem positiven Licht tun, führt uns näher zu Gott und verleiht uns die Fähigkeit, die Welt und die Menschen zu lieben.

Das nun, Ihr Lieben, ist mein Geschenk an Euch. Unsere Lebensreise geht immer weiter. Ob auf dieser oder der anderen Seite – egal,
denn „wir bekommen!“
Von Shawna Forde                                              übersetzt aus dem  Amerikanischen
aus der Todeszelle in Arizona/USA                     von Henry Toedt, Hammelburg                                                                                                   
                                                                       Shawna Forde
                                                                       # 260 830 Unit Lumly
                                                                       ASPC Perryville P.O. Box 3300
                                                                       Goodyear, AZ 85395

Thursday, September 7, 2017

SF jury member reaction to new information in SF's case & the appeal

The following is a dialog of the conversation between a former Forde jury member and myself.  The name of the juror as well as her phone number, address, etc have been  removed to protect her identification.

 FEB 12TH, 3:46AM

I don't know if this email is being monitored, but if it is, I am reaching out to find the name of Ms. Forde's current appellate attorney.

After reading the appeal, I know that I made the wrong decision. I need to know what I can do about that now.

Free Shawna Forde
Hi and tyvm for messaging us.  How may we help you?

I would like the contact information for Ms. Forde's appellate attorney.

Free Shawna Forde
Hi , im not sure i understand about what you mean on making the wrong decision?
Free Shawna Forde
I dont have the lead attorney's info right where i can find it easily, but i have the mitigation lawyer, who can help you with what you need.  If you dont get her within the next 24 hours i can notify her to contact you?  Or would you like me to just have her go ahead and contact you?

Yes, please, do whatever.
I am so sorry, I was just in gmail sending an email to shawnaforde101 outlining the same things.
My former name is.
I was a juror in Ms. Forde's trial.

Free Shawna Forde
ok, it's no problem, i monitor both here and there.

i made a huge mistake
I just read the appeal

Free Shawna Forde
Oh ok, it's been a real mess, with Shawna and many others.

I can tell you that if I had known any of that, I could have stood firm against the other jurors.
I just didn't have anything else to make them look at, other than Gina Morraga's boots.
it was awful.
this is all awful
and i have never been okay with my decision, but now?
What am I supposed to do KNOWING that I sent an innocent woman to death row?
What can I do?
I no longer live in AZ. My current timezone is central standard.

Free Shawna Forde
I'm not sure, i know they can do a statement and say that you retract you decision on the jury based on new facts from the appeal

I work until 5 pm on Monday and Tuesday.
I will retract it.
In fact, I know that these messages can also be used.
but I need to do anything that I can.
I need to tell Ms. Forde how horribly sorry that I am for my part in where she is today
Free Shawna Forde
I'm not a lawyer, so i cant say exactly but i have seen other cases where former jury members did an affidavit

I am willing to do anything I can.
I google searched what can a jury member do when they are wrong.

Free Shawna Forde
She holds no animosity at the jury, she says if they knew all the facts they would not have convicted her.

I haven't found anything, but a lawyer might know.
M and I would not have, for sure.
But M was an alternate, and I was alone, trying to fight all the others.

Free Shawna Forde
That must have been awful!

you have no idea.
the fact that the anniversary of the trial is now
is just makes it wors
Free Shawna Forde
Oh i can imagine.

I have never felt right about my decision, but now? How am I going to live with this?
She is going to die, and it is my fault.

Free Shawna Forde
Rest assured, Shawna will forgive you and understand.
Hopefully, we can get that hearing the lawyers have asked for...

I can tell you anything that will help.
or the lawyer.
Jesus, she had a baby grandson that she never got to hold.

Free Shawna Forde
I messaged G, but she's in AZ and i think it's about 1am there, she may not get it til am

It is 3 am here, and I am actually at work right now, but I can take calls or whatever.
I work until noon today.

Free Shawna Forde
I'm not really sure what kind of info they would need to help, but G will for sure and she can get ahold of the lead lawyer too.


Free Shawna Forde
I appreciate you coming forward, i know it cannot be easy!

It is the right thing to do. I am just horrified at myself.

Free Shawna Forde
Based on the info you had, anyone would have thought she was guilty i think

Free Shawna Forde
Good, that's what she needs, they smeared her name so bad.

the only way i was able to call her guilty is because of Unklesbay saying that if you are part of a crime that a murder happens in, you are guilty of all of it.
the only thing I could actually prove her guilty of was driving Bush to Arivaca.
but if she hadn't driven, he wouldn't have been there...circular logic
but his previous killings defeat that.
he would have found a way.

Free Shawna Forde
He's a real monster, but he's also insane

i admit, I haven't really followed his part of it.

Free Shawna Forde
He had a severe brain injury at one point and he never was right after it

that makes all kinds of crazy stuff happen.

Free Shawna Forde

(my brother suffered from one last January)

Free Shawna Forde
I'm sorry to hear that.....

thanks. I hate to keep you up so late.

Free Shawna Forde
I am totally against the DP, but i dont think killing him when he cant help his thinking is not right
Your not, i am just getting up when i saw this message.

Well, I am a talker who can sit here and do this all night, but I don't want to hinder your day.

Free Shawna Forde
But the worst part to me is that some of the real killers are out there free to do it again


Free Shawna Forde
That's scary, because if u could be in on a child's murder....u could do anything.

if you could actually tell a child who is begging you not to kill her that you are not reloading the gun to use on her,

Free Shawna Forde
My only sibling was murdered, so my heart aches for Gina, it really does

you have no lines anywhere left to cross.
mine too. I am sorry to hear about your sibling.
Oh my god, what is this going to do to her?

Free Shawna Forde
tyvm, it was 32 years ago but feels like last week, so i only imagine what a mother's pain is

They are going to have to go through all of this agian.
the sister, (Alex?) is a young adult now. The same ages as my daughters.

Free Shawna Forde
I'm hoping they will not have another trial, Milke did not


Free Shawna Forde
Debra Milke who was on AZ DR

if they did have another trial, they'd have to disclose Bush's other killings and the neighbor who was told about the killing but told not to tell.
those two things are enough to kill this whole thing for a jury.

Free Shawna Forde
I would think Gina would not want the wrong person to die, and would in fact want the real killers tracted down.

I can only hope so.
I still see child's face in my head.

Free Shawna Forde
It does no good to put away and kill the wrong person

it never goes away.
that picture of her from the crime scene.

Free Shawna Forde
Oh bless her heart, i think about her all the bothers me horrible. I have a daughter, cant imagine.

They showed us that on my older daughter's 16th birthday.

Free Shawna Forde
Oh that's horrific!

it think it was day 2 of the trial.
the whole freaking thing was awful.

Free Shawna Forde
I'm sure, so sorry you had to go thru that.

Free Shawna Forde

I wanted to do anything else, but i knew that if I excused myself, it was over for her before day 2.
the rest of the jusry had their minds made up after Gina's testimony.
Free Shawna Forde

I cant imagine

there were only two of us that refused to believe that she was guilty. Me and M.

Free Shawna Forde
Yes, i can imagine, seeing that pic and then the mother ......

and hearing the call while that image was on the screen.
it makes my stomach roll everytime i think about it.

Free Shawna Forde
Trust me, i would not be helping her if i was not completely sure she did not do this.
I would pursue, give her LWOP but not advocate for freedom

Before I forget, my cell phone number is. I am not at home right now, but my work # is.

Free Shawna Forde
i had alot of access to info the public did not, until now...
Free Shawna Forde

we only had access to the stuff they presented in court.

Free Shawna Forde
ok, i gave the numbers to G.

I squirreled my way around that Gina Morraga did it until the rest of the jury literally was screaming at me.

Free Shawna Forde
Oh i know, and shawna knows that too, believe me
The prosecutor should get in trouble for withholding info

So, was it Gina M or this Sandra person? WHo was the woman?

Free Shawna Forde
I have no idea, could have been someone else altogether....

Yes, he should, and Unklesbey should be disbarred for not making those people's testimony or depositions known to us.
not with the bloody shoes

Free Shawna Forde
This happens alot i am finding out

Gina M. and Shawna have the same size foot.
those bloody hiking boots are pretty damning.

Free Shawna Forde
I would not want to speculate because i dont know who it was for sure.  2 women were there but who idk.

but I don't think that they were able to get DNA from them proving who they belonged to.
It is all speculation now.

Free Shawna Forde
They only compared the dna to shawna, they can test it against others

I only know that Shawna didn't do it. but based on the evidence, Gina M. is the only real person who could have stepped in childs blood.
I asked if they tested the DNA sample to GIna, and they told me that I was not allowed to know that.

Free Shawna Forde
They did not test to anyone but Shawna

the boots were found outside of GIna and Albert's back door, I think.

Free Shawna Forde
i think the fella that died was in on it big time, but idk

that much was clear.

Free Shawna Forde
I dont know anything about this Gina M, tho...idk what kind of person she was or if she was capable of something like this....

I can't speak to that either. I only know what they told us about her to provide her as a credible alternative.
like I said, the only thing that made me actually convict was that she drove him there. that is the only thing that I could not find doubt about.

Free Shawna Forde
I can understand that.

okay, I need to take a break for a bit. I will be back in a few, but I need more coffee.
Free Shawna Forde
okay, enjoy your coffee!


I am going to let you go for now. I need to talk to a pastor or something. It was nice talking to you. I hope that we will talk again, but I need to talk to someone about the fact that I basically committed murder according to the bible.  I don't think the fact that I was not alone, nor is she dead yet will save me from that.

Free Shawna Forde
Okay, dont be too hard on yourself, you did what any person probably would have, it was a horrific double murder with a child involved and you were deceived by that state of AZ.

You are very kind to say so, but I knew it was wrong, and I did it anyway. Ms. Forde will die if I don't find a way to help.

Free Shawna Forde
You will be able to help, i am sure, i will praying for you too.

I really appreciate that. I am just afraid that I won't be able to help enough, and her death will be on my hands.

Free Shawna Forde
Let's pray not....

I will be.
AUG 24TH, 4:04PM

Free Shawna Forde
Hi , it's Rae.  Shawna wanted me to reach out to you and let you know how much she appreciated your reading her appeal and stepping up to the plate to contact me.   She would very much like to write to you.  Is that possible Or would you rather write to her first?  She wants to personally thank you.  Also,  her lawyer would like to speak to you.  Is there a time/number i can give her lawyer?
Sent by Rae Gaither

I'm off today. Is there a number I can call them at?
To be quite honest, part of the reason I left Az was because I got death threats at school because they posted where I go to school, so even though I would communicate with Shawna, I'm really hesitant about giving out my home address.

Free Shawna Forde
I totally understand that.  Who was doing the death threats or do you know?  That's just awful.  I will try to get the number to her lawyer for you
Sent by Rae Gaither

I don't know who it was.
The police never found out
Free Shawna Forde
I'm sorry that has happened to you.  No one should have to go through such as ordeal just for doing their civic duty.  People are just disgusting.
Sent by Rae Gaither

If you can guarantee that the only people who would have my contact info would be you, Shawna or her Lawyer, I'll give it. Just please be careful with it. I just want to live quietly... But I hate that I am living with guilt over a decision I made to let myself be bullied into and it is literally life and death for her.

Free Shawna Forde
 is the number for her lawyer.  I am told he's not the best at  getting back with people right away, that's how every lawyer i k
Sent by Rae Gaither

My phone number is .
I recently relocated to

Free Shawna Forde
Of course i would never give your info out.  I know how u feel because the haters of Jodi Arias have threatened me and shawna has nothing to do with jodi
Sent by Rae Gaither

My workday starts at 2 pm locally, so if they call after that, I'll get back the next day.
I didn't want to be picked for that jury. I lost scholarships. My perfect GPA dropped and I'll never get those pictures of that little girl out of my head.

Free Shawna Forde
I am so sorry.  What a nightmare.  I cannot imagine.
Sent by Rae Gaither

but nobody listened to me when I said that those boots had to be gina morraga's.

Free Shawna Forde
Hi and tyvm for messaging us.  How may we help you?


Free Shawna Forde
I think i hit the wrong thing or fb is going whacko
Sent by Rae Gaither


Free Shawna Forde
Shawna was very hated in AZ and other places so it's easy to see wheree that could happen
Sent by Rae Gaither

I hadn't ever heard about any of it until that day of jury selection

Free Shawna Forde
i only met shawna 4 iyears ago and never had heard of her.  So it's all fairly new to me.
Sent by Rae Gaither

At the time, my whole life was school for 18 hrs a day and my kids.

Free Shawna Forde
i can understand how disruptive that would have been
Sent by Rae Gaither

Yeah.... But even then, here I sit complaining...

Free Shawna Forde
i get it, no need to explain yourself to me
Sent by Rae Gaither

Anyways. I'm going to get going. Have a great day.

Free Shawna Forde
tyvm and you have a great day as well.
Seen by at August 24th, 4:47pm
Sent by Rae Gaither

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

This outlines the ridiculous policy inmates cannot defend themselves...

Urgent: Shawna Forde has been physically assaulted!!
Friday May 26 2017: Shawna was eating in the mess hall when an inmate with a violent history and mental illness (Kelly) came up behind Shawna, grabbed her by the hair and started punching her in the head.  Because of the DOC policy would punish her by issuing an assault ticket on her record for defending herself, Shawna could only go into a defensive position while Kelly continued to punch and kick her with her boots along Shawna’s back.  Shawna could only cover her head while the inmate continued to beat her until an officer could arrive.  No other inmate could intervene because they also would be punished if they did.  Eventually an officer arrived at the scene and stopped the assault.  Kelly was cuffed, and then Shawna herself was also handcuffed. Shawna was taken to the Captain’s office and questioned like a suspect instead of a victim.  She was interrogated by “Captain C”, a new arrival from a men’s prison.  He asked her what Shawna did to get assaulted by Kelly, assuming that Shawna must have deserved to be beaten.  Shawna was tested for drugs, and she refused medical treatment due to not knowing if she could afford the payments they would extract from her account. 
After she was returned to her cell, within an hour, Shawna was again called to the Captain’s office where he demanded to know what Shawna had done, because “no one gets assaulted for no reason”.  Shawna told him she had done nothing to Kelly, and that she had seen lots of people assaulted for no reason.  The Captain told her that if she didn’t like her mail being inspected before, it was going to be scrutinized more than ever now. 
Shawna had previously helped Kelly financially time to time, as well as many others, with fund-raisers to help indigent women who needed basic hygiene and essential clothing items which are not provided by the prison.  The Captain had not been present during those fund-raisers, and asserted his opinion that no acts out of kindness are ever done by people without a hidden selfish motive.  (Shawna asks that people pray for this man, who cannot comprehend basic human compassion on any level.)  After this, they removed her from her own cell and located her in an empty cell with nothing whatsoever in it, and seized all her possessions “pending an investigation”.  All the other officers acknowledged that Shawna had done nothing to provoke the attack. Shawna noted that if her attacker had possessed an improvised weapon of some kind, she would probably have been killed.
 Her attacker had been fired from kitchen duty for stealing supplies and food, and then lied repeatedly to Shawna and others. Shawna had not approved of her behavior.  This may have motivated the attack. In addition, it is believed that the doctors had recently cut Kelly off from her lithium medication, leaving her more unstable than before.
As a death row inmate, Shawna is forced to live in a disciplinary unit with limited privileges and rights compared to other inmates even though her record is exemplary and her behavior has always been respectful.
Shawna has not been checked up on by anyone regarding her mental or physical condition in the three days she has been isolated in the new holding cell.  She is being cut off from legal mail, regular mail and her possessions including access to paper and pens so she is unable to write.  She is in shock and her post traumatic stress disorder has been fully triggered leaving her unable to eat for the first couple days.  To make matters even worse, her attacker was placed in a cell right next to Shawna’s cell!
She was able to get out two short phone calls on Sunday night thanks to a helpful guard, which is why any of this is even known.  Shawna has martial arts experience, and was fully capable of defeating her attacker if she had chosen to. She explained that her expectations of visitation by her daughter and her chance to meet her young grandson, were the reason she refused to defend herself against the brutal attack. Any self-defense would have been met by retaliation by the prison system, and may have made visitation impossible.  Despite the bruising along her back and head, she maintains that she did the right thing, because her relationship to her family is more important than anything else to her.  She said she would “take a hundred beatings” before losing her chance to meet her grandson and see her children again.  Evidently, if she ever did defend herself, even after the hundredth time, she would be branded as a “dangerous” and “insubordinate” inmate and the Department of Corruptions would eagerly cut her off from all human contact. 
Shawna hopes to be returned to her own cell, but for now she is cut off completely and it will be at least a week before she can attempt another phone call.  Her victory is her innocence and her right actions.  She has maintained her soul and her humanity throughout her ordeal of many years.  As for her keepers, one must wonder if anything remains of them that will escape the cold grave that awaits the corpse of the soulless human.

'You" by Shawna Forde & state's response to clothing shortage